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Saorview Borris

As specialist installers of Saorview TV aerial and satellite systems in the Borris area we can provide the full range of fitting services to local homes on businesses on a same day service. With the launch of the Saorview multi-channel TV services. The digital revolution has arrived and there has never been such an amazing choice of digital TV entertainment for your family in Borris.


  • Best Value Saorview / Satellite combo box installers Borris
  • Best value saorview free to air, freesat freeview, free TV
  • The ultimate in free TV. With one box you can receive all the Saorview and Free to Air Channels
  • We provide a full, professional Saorview TV installation service in Borris
  • Local Borris based TV aerial & satellite repair engineers
  • All your favourite Saorview shows, all in one place and all for free
Saorview Installation Borris

With Saorview Borris, there is no monthly charge with all channels being completely free after the correct equipment has been installed. Add Free to Air satellite to your Saorview and receive hundreds of Saorview & UK channels in Borris. Call us now to open up your world of digital viewing.


  • Want Saorview and freesat HD and Record in Borris
  • Freeview and Saorview TV with satellite dish & digital aerial giving free TV channels
  • Book Your Borris Saorview & Saorview connect installation now
  • Saorview Connect, is the newest way to enjoy free TV, with no contacts or monthly bills
  • Why pay for digital HD TV when you can it for FREE
  • All Your favourite Irish (Saorview) & UK & World free channels on one Remote

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Satellite and Aerial TVGeraldine 087 623 6220
TV & Satellite ServicesJohn 086 847 9848
Satellite Installations and Repairs Borris

Our teams of satellite installers have been fitting and repairing satellite systems in Borris since the days that a satellite was the size of your house and no one had heard of Sky TV. Our satellite and aerial experts we can assist with installation of satellite systems for Sky, Freesat and Hotbird.


  • As well as digital aerial and Sky satellite installations, we also specialise in Saorview installations Borris
  • Quality materials & tools to ensure the best satellite and Sky TV installations and repair service
  • No satellite signal being received Borris, Sky satellite repair
  • Aerial and satellite installation Borris you can trust
  • Hotbird satellite installation and repairs Borris
  • Motorized satellite dishes & receivers repaired Borris, foreign satellite installations
Just some of the areas our Saorview installers cover
Aerial Installations and Repairs Borris

When we call to you in Borris, we carry out a number of aerial checks using our fast and efficient aerial diagnostics service Borris which allows us to check your TV Aerial / Satellite Dish alignment and positioning, external and internal cabling for signal loss, connected aerial points, satellite points, tuning of your TV channels Borris.


  • We provide a full, professional aerial repair and installation service Borris
  • Saorview digital TV aerial services Borris
  • Have a Saorview digital aerial fitted in Borris and enjoy crystal clear digital HD reception
  • Saorview digital aerial installation & repairs Borris, old TV aerial safely removed
  • Checking of your TV aerial alignment and positioning
  • Aerial alignment Borris and channel programming