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Our content marketing team design online content with the aim of bringing more leads to your business. We write and publish online-content targetting your goods and services with the aim of your business getting more business leads. Each category will have a maximum of four phone numbers (up to four members per categary).

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Why Join Sit

Sit Content Marketing

By now the term content marketing has become a household name amoung marketers. They know they have to generate lots of content that engages the right audience and keeps them engaged.

At Sit we write the content targeting the goods and services of our members.

As a member your phone number is published on pages targetting your goods and services.

There is maximum of 4 members phone numbers published on each web page.

Members select the goods and services they have to offer and the target locations. Our "Sit" team write content targetting these goods and services

Once content is published our members contect phone numbers are displayed alongside this content


On becomming a member there is a once off administration cost of €100 plus VAT

Yearly fees starting at €50 per categary depending on the category and locations

Example Costs:
Category Saorview, Location Dublin

The Saorview category includes: aerials Installations, satellites installations, aerial repairs and satellite repairs.

For more information on becomming and member please complete the contact form.