Get up to 4 quotes


Looking for Leads for your Business, SIt Content Marketing is here to help.

By now the term content marketing has become a household name amoung marketers. They know they have to generate lots of content that engages the right audience and keeps them engaged.

At Sit we write the content targeting the goods and services of our members.

As a Sit member your contact details is published on pages targetting your goods and services.

There is maximum of 4 members phone numbers published on each web page targetting your goods and services.

Members select the goods and services they have to offer and the target locations. Our "Sit" team write content targetting these goods and services

Once content is published our members contect phone numbers are displayed alongside this content

Tradesmen/Supplier Information

We write articles targetting the goods and servies of our members, up to 4 sets of contact details are advertised on each article. If more then 4 suppliers are targetting a specific category and location, the first 4 are selected and a panel of trademen is created.

Sit member Costs:
There is a once off €100 registration fee.
Then a yearly fee per category and location
If you select category A in Dublin the fee is 1 x Location
If you select Category A in Dublin and Kildare the fee is 2 x Location

Sit: What We Do

Comsumer Information

We provide comsumers looking for goods and services with the contact details of local suppliers.

There are no on-line forms to be completed, call a topicit member to discuss your requirements, talk directly with a Topicit member.

Consumers when purchasing goods and services should:

Get more than one quotation, cheapest is not alway best
Always ask for references
If possible, view other jobs completed by the supplier
Ensure supplier is insured
Please note we do not do background checks or check insurance

The tradesmen benefit by getting an opportunity to grow their business and the home or business owner benefits by getting up to 4 quotes from tradesmen. is a free online service for customers looking for a tradesman helping them get up to 4 quotes for their job. is a marketing tool used by businesses to promote their goods and services online. Each trade area contains contact details for up to 4 business providing goods and services in your area. 

Topicit costs structure is designed  to be very cost effective for business owners this  supporting small businesses and enabling small businesses to keep their overheads low, enabling our tradesmen to provide you with the best priced quotation possible.